SOYA TW Rectangle Sushi Tofu
SOYA TW Soy Milk (Sugar-Free)
SOYA TW Rectangle Sushi Tofu
SOYA TW Deep Fried Tofu Skin
SOYA TW Seasoned Fried Tofu
SOYA TW Handmade Hard Bean Curd
SOYA TW Vegetable Deep fried tofu Ball
SOYA TW Vegetable Deep fried tofu pie
SOYA TW Handmade Frozen Bean Curd(3kg)
About us

Yida Liyan Co., Ltd., founded in 1991, is a factory specializing in manufacturing soybean food. Producing food is driven by conscience. For people’s health, the Company uses only non-GM soybean and produces vegetarian food products without adding any preservatives. The products include sushi tofu skin, frozen bean curd, hard bean curd, dried bean curd, deep-fried tofu, bagged soybean milk, bagged soft tofu, and many others. Currently, the Company has had remarkable success in its two brands SOYA TW and SOONTOFUTW. Besides ensuring that the products taste good, the Company cares about the consumer’s health and so, aims to produce delicious and healthy food products.

Food safety

Passed HACCP certification Passed ISO22000 certification 100% of the staff in the whole plant have passed the medical examination The factory is regularly disinfected Obtain relevant inspection reports for the ingredients and packaging materials used The factory has a professional quality control independent inspection

Non-genetically modified
Exclusive Technology
Product Diversification